7 Tech Tools To Run Your Online Fitness Business

You want to be able to move a portion of your face to face fitness business online so it allows you the freedom and the income to take a holiday, take time off or reduce your hours in the gym.

There are some tech systems and tools I am using to run my fitness business online that I want to share with you.

1) Email Marketing:

You should be growing your email list. I have been using Active Campaign since the end of 2017 and its a great online system that allows you to manage your subscribers much better. It means you can add tags to different groups like clients, leads from a download or ex-clients. Which means when you send out your email marketing you can be more personalised to the specific group you want to hit with your content.

2) Business Manager Facebook

If you have a business then you NEED to be utilising Facebook business pages and particularly BusIness Manager so that you can start running facebook ads.

If your hitting the 'boost post' blue button at the bottom right of a facebook post you are just lining Facebooks pockets with no return. Stop that right now and save your self $100's.

You need to understand facebook advertising properly, audiences, pixels, campaign objective or you are just throwing money down the toilet.

3) Booking/scheduling software.

You want to be scheduling calls, catch ups, sales calls, coaching calls via the most efficient way possible. Not back and forth via email.

CALENDLY is great to select your availability for the week and send out a link to clients to book meetings with you. You can also integrate this into your sales funnels or your Facebook ads.

4) Google Drive

All my client work, systems and procedures are run through google drive. You really DO NOT need a fancy app or other portals for coaching clients.

Google sheets its great to set up your training program templates along with your check-in sheets.

The beauty of google drive is you can share the client files and don't need to email back and forth documents. Once a change is made either by you or a client its saved automatically. You both get access to the folder.

5) ZOOM video conferencing

I am loving zoom for my group coaching calls, 1-1 catch up calls and my sales calls. It gives a more personal approach to catching up with clients. The conversations can be recorded and the group coaching allows for a community to be built when you can interact with a real face.

I have also used Zoom to host a webinar.

6) LOOM- Screen recording

Screen recording allows me to delve deeper into an explanation of a system or process. From explaining my client files to new clients or giving feedback to one of my mentor clients on exercise technique.

Loom records your screen while you talk, you can be seen or you can just have your screen and voice. It's great and I am loving this right now to on-board new clients.

7) ClickFunnels.

If you want to take on the online space you need to get ahead of the game in terms of advertising. Clickfunnels is a great way to generate leads into your business. You can create your own landing page or purchase templates from Clickfunnels. Have your irresistable offer on that landing page to capture your audience. You can trial click funnels for 14 days.

Not all these things are neccesary. But I have found them to be all useful for my online fitness business, streamlining my processes and generating more leads. You don't need all the fancy stuff, some of these options listed above are totally free.

Coach Ella



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