How To Double Your Leads In Your Fitness In 7 Days

You want to build your client base but unsure how or where to generate leads from?

You don't have confidnece (yet) in your gym or with talking to the members?

Wanting a successful Personal Training business that sees you work the hours you want and earn the income you want whilst heping your tribe.

Implement these 3 approaches and you will double your leads in the next 7 days!

1. Talk To As Many People In Your Gym As Possible.

Say hello to members, start up a conversation, be genuinely interested in that person.

The gym is a scary place particularly for female clients.

Make them feel comfortable by being approachable.

When you are authentic, genuine and come from a place of ‘love and trust’ clients will want to work with you.

When your talking to members because you need to make rent, you don't have enough clients yet and it comes from a ‘fear and doubt’ mentality, it’s going to show and come across and those potential clients will run.

*Set yourself some daily targets and weekly targets.

*Aim to talk to 5 new people everyday.

*Memorise their names and their issues and follow up with them the next time you chat.

2. Give Your Best Stuff Away For FREE

While your having all those conversations with people in the gym your going to find out a lot about them.

Maybe they have mentioned they can’t feel their glutes when they train - you can show them a great glute activation warm up.

Maybe they complain about tight and restricted hips - you can show them a hip mobility exercise they can do.

They talk to you about being so time poor they cant make smart meal choices - Offer then a copy of your ‘Quick & Easy’ meal document you have for clients or refer them to a meal prep company you know.

If people see the value in the stuff you give away for free they will want to work with yout knowing that what you give and deliver is of quality.

3. Just Be An Awesome PT.

Do you know how many people are watching you on the gym floor, while you train, how you behave with clients, whether your smiling and approachable or that tired grumpy PT that gets angry.

The way you train will be inspiring to potential clients, so train at times you want to fill.

The way you communicate with your clients will be listened to by others around you, so be professional, precise and clear.

If your business card is on the wall at the gym and you have just delivered an awesome session to a client and someone overhead you, they have just picked your card off the wall and will be in touch.

By showing up every day and just doing what you do really well willhave a cuw of people waiting to work with you.

My Females In Fitess mentor clients have bene taking on heaps of new clints this way!

There are so many people that need your help, getting clients is easy, they are there, right in front of you.

You just need to be talking to them and engaging with them.

Lead generating is all about confidence.

Have confidence in that you know your stuff, you are a great trainer and you can help people

Coach Ella

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