[Case Study] How Chrissy Grew Her Confidence And Gew Her Fitness Business

Chrissy and I have been working together for almost a year now.

The change in Chrissy in that time has been incredible. When we first met she had no confidence, few clients and no plan to build her business to where she would like it to be.

Consequently, she had clients on multiple different price points and structures which left her feeling like she was always on the back foot, rescheduling sessions and never had a consistent income.

Fast forward 11 months, the biggest shift was seeing her in action in her space with so much confidence.

This confidence radiates when you own your space, know what you're doing and why you're doing it.

This is something we work on in Female In Fitness.

Building confidence in your skills and your knowledge to become a leading Female Personal Trainer.

Here is what we did:

1) Built her confidence with weight training and understanding how to 'cue' an exercise

2) Worked on her ability to communicate with clients

3) Developed her skills with assessments and programming for her clients.

4) Had her training at her gym.

5) Did her 'Business Math' to figure out how much she would like to earn and the hours she'd like to work.

6) Planned out her '3 Coaching Packages' to ensure she had a regular income and a structure to onboard new clients.

The Outcome:

1) Clients requesting to train more frequently with her, (increasing to 3 sessions a week)

2) Leads approaching her off the gym floor for Personal Training (because her confidence was there in her sessions)

3) Referrals coming in from the gym (becoming a leader in her space)

4) A better structure for onboarding new clients & clients training more frequently

5) Room to take on new clients & schedule those existing clients that up-sold to a coaching package.

6) Regular income and an increase in income! (without having to work more hours).

When I sit down and talk to the FIF clients we first do the 'Business Math' and calculate how much income you would like to earn and how many hours per week you would like to work.

Then we reverse engineer it.

Which leaves you with a minimum $ figure for your coaching rates.

You don't want to be trapped in the per session cycle.

Selling blocks of 10 PT sessions or having a heap of clients on 1 session a week, that cancel all the time.

You need to be selling 'Coaching Packages'. That run for a time period and include heaps of value to your clients.

Resulting in a more sustainable income for you, better systems for cancellations and weeding out those clients that suck your energy and your time that don't want to be there, but feel they should.

Chrissy and I have now developed 3 coaching packages she can sell her leads in to.

These packages provide heaps of value to her clients and allow Chrissy better control over her income and her time.

Without doing the math and generating a system, Personal Trainers are always chasing their tail. Taking on clients at greatly reduced rates, because they NEED the money and not having control over their time, business or income.

Here is what Chrissy had to say about the Females In Fitness Mentor Program

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Ella Martyn

Online Fitness Coach & Female PT Mentor



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