[Case Study] How Roya Secured 12 Sessions In Her First Week.

Roya has been with Females In Fitness Mentor Program for 8 weeks now. When Roya started with me she was working at a gym and was struggling to 'fit in' and build her business.

We really worked hard on developing her skills and knowledge as a Personal Trainer.

Working on her programming skills, assessment tools and having more confidence in her coaching abilities.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out at her gym, but it allowed us to find the perfect space that would suit her.

This meant a few weeks without work!

Which for some, would have been a scary time and resulted in terminating our coaching.

Roya understood the benefits of continuing with our coaching, despite the 'unknown' of when or where she would find work.

Together we went through some options, what gyms were in her area and where her strengths are. She went for interviews and she confirmed a role at Fernwood Fitness.

Within the first week at Fernwood she had secured 12 sessions.

And received feedback like this from clients after their assessment sessions...

'they've never had a Personal Trainer like her before'

What made Roya stand out and have confidence with many different types of clients was this...

  • She put in the work to understand assessments and how different bodies move

  • She has spent the time learning how to write programs for many different clients.

  • Worked on her own fitness and better nutrition habits

  • Asked the questions!

This is just the very beginning for Roya. She has the ability and the skills to impact many peoples lives.

I look forward to seeing where you go in the future.

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