5 Job Titles People Assume Personal Trainers Hold.

June 21, 2018


Personal Trainers are seen to be the 'all knowing'. Fitness is so broad that our knowledge has to be too.


But there are some things we are just not qualified to do (even though I'm sure we would all love to have these qualifications)


1) Medical Doctor

No, I can't tell you what that lump might be. But I would recommend you get it seen to. 


2) Practitioner: Chiro, Physio, Osteo

Yes, I know my anatomy but that deep hip pain you've had for 6 weeks now that wont go away from stretch, trigger point release or all the anti-inflammatories you take, I can't fix, time to go see a qualified practitioner that can help you. 


3) Marriage counsellor 

I'm happy to chat about your life, but I can't tell you what you should do about your cheating husband. I can, however make you forget about him for the next 60 minutes & long term make him regret he cheated on you when your rocking a hot bod!



4) Nutritionist / Dietician (unless further studied & qualified)

What do I think about the paleo diet? The 1200 calorie diet or the only eat green food diet? Let's just start by looking at what you normally eat and establish better eating habits, incorporate more protein, more veggies and less processed stuff i think you'll do great.


You want a meal plan? Oh sorry no I only have my certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, so no I am not qualified to write you a meal plan. (How many trainers have you heard say that???  Yeah me too!)



5) Psychologist 

Personal Trainers have an ear to listen to guide and to prescribe accordingly. But we can't help you figure out why you have certain behaviours, this needs to be done with a professional. Our goal is to get you moving, thats what our sessions are for.




We wear many hats in our profession in exercise prescription and instruction. 


They may include








That last one, referrer is an important one.

You need to know who to refer to when your job as a listener has highlighted an issue outside of your scope of practice. 


Fitness is so broad and we know it’s never as just about exercise. Clients assume you have all the knowledge on all areas! Which maybe you do have some knowledge


Education is another great tool you have access to. Educate clients on what a Personal Trainer does and what they are qualified to do.


Coach Ella



Ella Martyn

Founder of Females In Fitness





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