5 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer

Personal Training will never die! People will always need to seek out PT for a number of reasons. Sport specific training, hitting a plateau, injuries and rehab.

I look around the gyms I train at and see so many people that need help.

  • Poor technique.

  • Incorrect use of machines.

  • Nobody awareness.

  • Not training for your goals.

Here are my Top 5 reasons you NEED a PT.

1. YouTube can’t physically put you into the right position, nor can it correct you when you’re in a shit position.

2. Sometimes movements don’t look good, so you need to problem solve with someone that understand movement, function, muscle, joints, moment arms & torque.

3. Injury prevention & management. If you're trying to squat with a narrow stance because that’s what you've seen on IG, your in trouble if your hip anatomy isn’t built that way. Trying to force a square into a circle is going to cause some issues.

4. Some people have no body awareness and need to be cued with touch. You may think you’re hinging but your back is rounded and you have no control over your spine.

5. If you want to learn how to do something properly with intensity, do it with someone face to face that can push you harder than you would push yourself.

Online coaching is great. It’s given people a means to get fit, be active and hit the gym.

For women to start lifting more.

BUT the downside is, people have poor movement patterns, no understanding of tension, intensity, activation and what exercises are actually good for them individually.

If your new to exercise please seek out a good PT for some face to face coaching. After that seek the advice and guidance of someone that actually wants to see how you move, and check your form via video feedback, it’s invaluable.

If you have a sports specific goal like powerlifting, then seek the guidance of a coach that can teach you the correct technique for this.

Please don't just copy your favourite instagram accounts workouts without understanding the movement and the muscles recruited and if that particular exercise is right for you.

Side note- usually the technique on this accounts is terrible and is all about the booty angle!

Coach Ella

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