[Case Study] Nicole Went From a Lost PT to a Confident Buisness Owner In Less Than 6 Months.

When I first met Nicole she had just started her journey into the fitness industry and was an entry level trainer at Fitness First. She was very quiet and lacked confidence.

Being so new to industry she felt as though she had so much to learn and nothing to offer.

Which is very common for Trainers to feel that way initially.

I always say 'it's not about YOU its about them, the clients'.

So holding back from helping people becuase you feel you dont know enough is doing a disservice to your community.

Nicole and I worked together for 5 months and the focus was to get Nicole to a Level 2 (Own business) with Fitness First by September 2018 (we started working together in June 2018).

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Here is what we did:

1) Calculated her 'Business Math' to figure out how much she would like to earn and the hours she'd like to work, broke that down into packages and what that would look like in terms of number of clients.

2) Planned out her '3 Coaching Packages' to ensure she had a regular income through direct deboits and a structure to onboard new clients with her consults.

3) Built her confidence with weight training and understanding how to 'cue' an exercise

4) Worked on her ability to communicate with clients and generate leads.

5) Developed her skills with assessments and programming for her clients.

6) Created a measureable plan to find leads and convert those to clients.

All of which she excelled in.

Which resulted in her becoming a level 2 Personal Trainer at Fitness First Ryde. Having her own business and own fee strutcure.

Having the guidance and support of someone to hold you accountable and make sure you do the work is the best way to succeed.

You learn from those around you!

Here is what Nicole had to say.

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