Good and Bad Stress

I've started reading this book ..."The art of the good life" by Rolf Dobelli.

Its an easy read and I highly recommend it.

Chapter 17 "The Prison of a good reputation" ... It gives you some "would you rather" questions and I wanted to put them to you and they really make you think...

Would you rather...

1. Be the most intelligent person on Earth but be considered the stupidest?


The stupidest person on Earth but considered the most intelligent?

Think about it for a second.

2. Would you rather be the worlds greatest lover, but everyone thinks you are the worst lover?


Would you rather be the worlds worst lover, but everyone thinks you are the worlds greatest lover?

The questions prompt you to consider what matters more to you.

How you evaluate yourself, or how the outside world evaluates you?

With social media, it's evident that a lot of people value how the outside world evaluates them.

Posts for comments, likes, followers, it's all about instant gratification and feedback into status.

But it is very hard to then live a good life, despite what the social media highlight reel shows you.

One of the most effective ways to live a good life...Do things in life that make you happy and that makes you feel good, regardless of others opinions about it or you.

You don't need external gratification to live a good life.


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