Ella's Coaching programs empower women through weight training and flexible dieting, mindset and self love to achieve the body they want. I am so proud of all of the women that I have coached and am so happy to be part of their journey to achieving long-term and sustainable results. The results of the women below are not gimmicks, they are real and showcase their hard work and dedication to following a structured weight training program and flexible dieting approach to eating.


The LIFE program is a journey. In the first two weeks, we establish your goals and set a training routine and create macronutrient diet focusing on proteins, carbohydrates and fats. We also establish your baseline strength and I work with you to create a personalised workout plan for your body. From there we start focussing on muscle growth and strength training and adjusting your diet plan so that you start seeing immediate results, every week.

I contacted Ella The back end of 2016 after I had lost all motivation to exercise. I had just returned from a family holiday and was much heavier than I wanted to be but just couldn't seem to get back into the gym. 

Within 2 days from sending my first email to Ella I had a programme, had my macros worked out for me and felt ready to get back into the gym. Ella inspired and motivated me 110% and also taught me to love myself and my body.

I choose to train 4 time a week and the sessions were great and I always looked forward to them. Within just a few short weeks I began to notice changes and they are still happening now. We worked together through videos on my squat technique and I finally managed to squat pain free and with great form . I can even do unassisted chin ups now too .Ella was always a quick email away and always got back to me super quick when I needed help or advice.

One of best things I learnt from Ella was that it's ok to eat food , lots of it!!

Gemma, UK
Ruth, Sydney

Not only did Ella transform my body, she transformed my entire perception of health and fitness. Being a nurse, I thought my nutritional knowledge was good to very good, although in hindsight I had no idea. PROTEIN WILL NOT BULK YOU RUTH!!! 


I did 3 months with Ella, 3 sessions a week. Not a single session did I not turn up to or dread. The training I was doing was enjoyable and challenging. I’d always been into cardio but I’ve now realised weight training is the most efficient, sustainable form of exercise with obvious results. It’s now been 8 months since I’ve quit straight running and moved onto weight training. I’ve gone from doing 3 sessions a week to going almost every day. It’s addictive, fun and I look the best I’ve ever looked.

After a very boozey and indulgent summer, I was in a bit  of a body slump! I felt unmotivated and just wanted to get back to being me. Only 3 weeks in to my training sessions I saw huge results, which gave me massive motivation. I couldn't believe how simple it was to get results; I trained hard and stuck to a macro program as best I could... I still partied and went out for dinner, but I was much more aware of the foods I was eating and the exercise I was doing.


I have never been a big fan of weight training, but Ella makes it so enjoyable and seeing the different changes every week is incredibly encouraging. Just 7 weeks in and look leaner and feel healthier and happier every week.

Mary, Sydney
Jordii, Sydney

I worked with Ella for 12 weeks during my first official muscle building period and cut. Without her support and guidance with macros and training, I would not have gotten half the results I attained and remained sane. Ella is incredibly approachable, and is always a quick email or phone call away when needed. She is without a doubt 110% committed to her girls and I am incredibly grateful for my time working with her and would again in a heartbeat the next time I consider prepping. <3 

I started training with Ella in 2014 in the gym which was amazing and I loved the daily early morning support and when I relocated to South Australia I wanted to keep up what proved to be the only type of exercise that gave me the body I wanted!


Of course, it's much harder to motivate yourself and i'm the first to admit I failed at it, slowly I dropped off and eventually stopped the online personal training with Ella. Until a few months later I looked in the mirror and realized I need her help again because the body I was able to maintain for a year is slowly disappearing - buried under the cushioning I worked so hard to lose.


Recently I got back into Ella's online personal training and I'm  loving it! I eat more nutritious and yummy food while still be able to sneak in some treats but as my diet is tailored around my training the change is already showing - in a positive way. 

Agi, Adelaide

Emily, Canberra

I first came across Ella's page on Instagram 9 months ago. I reached out to Ella and literally a couple of hours later I found myself having a 1.5 hour telephone conversation, where Ella explained exactly what tracking Marcos entailed. I noticed changes within the first two weeks of tracking Marcos and following apersonalised macros and training plan providing by Ella. I was dropping cms from my waist and thighs. This gave me more motivation to keep it up, not to mention the constant 24/7 support provided including daily check ins, weekly measurements and a positive environment!

Ali, Sydney

Ella is fantastic! When I was looking for a coach I had a call with her and immediately loved her approach, and her absolute willingness to help. Even before I officially started with Ella she gave me tips and pointers to help me progress. Ella knows her stuff and genuinely wants to see you succeed. She is extremely thorough and provides plenty of information to assist you and her feedback in a very in-depth. If you genuinely want to succeed and want someone who will have your back, will encourage and push you to be your best self then definitely choose Ella to be your trainer and coach.

Ella has been an absolute godsend for me, she's helped me lose weight safely and steadily (still while eating foods that I love and having regular social nights out), and is teaching me how to self manage all of this on my own for the long term. She doesn't berate you for slip-ups, instead helps you to gain an understanding of why they happened in order to try to avoid them occurring again. She's designed my gym program (and frequently adapted it) to suit multiple recurring old injuries, and the results are fantastic, people I haven't seen in months didn't even recognise me at first. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to keep weight off successfully and build a physique, she's worked absolute miracles for me and choosing her as my coach and trainer is one of the best decisions I ever made.

Jaz, Sydney

I never had any doubts going with Ella for my first WBFF show! Ella was with me every step of the way and held me accountable for my actions and always made sure I knew WHY I wanted to compete. Ella took the time to understand my goals and if in doubt we always revisited and reset goals to ensure I was on track. Having a coach that has competed themselves is so important as they understand the dedication and commitment involved and can also pull you into line when needed. Ella's training and nutrition plans were tailored specifically for me and by following the plans religiously I was able to drastically improve my overall body composition and create a waist - something that seemed impossible! Ella never failed to check in and provided detailed feedback each and every week plus making herself available for messages and calls anytime of the week. I would highly recommend you get in touch with Ella if you are thinking about getting up on stage!

Jess, Sydney (WBFF) 

Brittany, Sydney (WBFF) 

I could not recommend Ella enough to anyone looking for a great coach for comp prep or just training and nutrition in general. Ella prepped me for my first competition and I could not be happier with the entire process and the outcome. Ella has extensive knowledge and experience with training and nutrition and also injury management which enabled me to train around my injuries and still get amazing results. Ella has taught me so much about nutrition, training and self love and I helped me to transform my body and mind.


When you make the decision to invest in yourself with a coach, I think there are a few things to look for. Strong knowledge, industry experience and someone who is open and honest and not afraid of a little bit of real talk. Ella is all of these things and more. Throughout my time with her, she empowered me to take control of my training and diet without extreme restrictions or unrealistic expectations. Ella taught me how to create and maintain the best body I’ve ever had while still balancing a social life and never feeling trapped by my new lifestyle. Constantly working on building her own knowledge meant that Ella was able to support me and her other clients to achieve all of our different goals. When I decided to compete in the WBFF in May 2017, she was who I wanted to take me to the stage – it was an amazing experience and one I will never forget. My pictures say a lot in terms of the superficial changes but my whole approach to diet, exercise and life is what has really changed and investing in myself by having Ella as my coach is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Sam, Sydney (WBFF) 2018

A good friend of mine recommended Ella and from our initial discussion, I felt like she was a great fit for what I was after. Rather than feeling like I was simply being put through a one-to-many large-scale coaching model, straight away Ella customised my training and nutrition to my needs and educated me on why I was doing certain things. Being aware of the purpose for everything is key for me, and Ella has a depth of knowledge that has given me so much more than a training and nutrition program. My approach to training has changed completely and I've learned the importance of rest and recovery and eating to fuel my body appropriately so that I have energy and clarity for work as well as for exercise.


In May 2019 I not only achieved my goal of getting on the WBFF stage, but I also placed in the top 10 in my category. With Ella's encouragement, I also pushed my comfort zone further and did a photo shoot, and I am so happy with the result.

Bec, 2019 (WBFF) 



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