How to Plan Your Diet for the Week

nutrition Jul 27, 2021


Having some structure and systems for most things in life gives you freedom!

If you give yourself a few hours a week to consider your nutrition, plan out the week a little, create a shopping list and have some ‘go-to’ meals and options that fit into your busy life, you’ll find you spend much less time thinking about food, spend way less money of eating out and food waste and be much more in control of your body weight and health.


Below are the steps you need to take for you to get started.


Step 1.

Considering your day or week. What time do you wake up, train, or go to bed? Do you prefer hot meals or sandwiches? Does your working hours changes that you can’t guarantee a sit down break?

All these considerations will impact how you approach your diet in the day.


Step 2.

Create a shopping list from the thought out meals you plan on having for the week. By creating a list you'll find you will spend less, waste less, and have all you need at home to make those meals through the week.


Step 3.

Bulk prep meals, protein, veggies. Be efficient in the kitchen. While cooking dinner use other appliances for prepping other things. Make lunches, chop extra veggies.


Step 4.

Planning. Whether that’s a day in advance, the morning off (only good for those that have a solid understanding of their needs) or a week in advance. How planned you are will depend on your busy life. If you prefer a week ahead go for it, if it’s a few days do that, or if it’s simply the night before.


Don’t leave nutrition to last on the list or the forgotten chore. You need to eat every day, multiple times a day, for the rest of your life.


So keep it simple.