5 Tips For Faster Fat Loss

fat loss Dec 27, 2020
5 Tips For Faster Fat Loss
People like to go for the quick fix, magic pill, ab blast programs...I just like to keep things simple.
Because believe it or not, fat loss is a simple equation. But the majority of the population are unable to sustain the equation long enough to really see results. Then they get bored trying and jump on the next quick fix bandwagon.
I'll be really honest with you...whilst it's a simple equation, fat loss is not fast and is not easy. BUT there are a few simple things you can implement today that will help you.
1) Drink More Water:
The most common reason for overeating is mistaking thirst for hunger. Your body is made up of 60% water, every cell requires it. Being slightly dehydrated can affect brain function, mood as well as hunger signals. Aim for 3-4L of water daily.
2) Incorporate More Fruit and Vegetable Into Your Diet.
A lack of essential nutrients means your body can't function optimally. Fibre comes from fruit and vegetables, it's important for gut health. It also makes you feel full. I call these calorie-dense foods. You can't eat 4 apples in a row but you could drink a glass of apple juice because it's missing the fibre. Ensure you're ticking all the boxes and aim for 2 serves of fruit and 300-400g of mixed in colour vegetables daily.
3) Get more sleep!
It's an obvious one I know, but really it's shocking at how little sleep some people get each night. Optimal is anything from 7.5-9hrs Sleep is when your body recovers and repairs. Not getting enough sleep is another stressor to the body. If your training hard and eating well and not seeing the results you want I would be looking at your recovery process and your sleep and bedtime routine.
4) Move More!
The 'no time' excuse gets thrown out a lot, so a very effective way to increase your activity level without hitting the gym is to walk. Take the stairs, get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way, every hour walk a lap of the office. For anyone that works at home (like me) wake up and hit a 30-minute walk before you dive into your work. If you have an iPhone/Samsung go to the Health app and start monitoring your steps and sleep cycle.
5) Eat More Protein.
Your body needs adequate protein. The most common mistake women make is not eating enough of it and opting for the pumpkin salad instead of the chicken breast and rice. What's even better about eating protein is the calories your body burns when digesting it, that's right you burn calories while you eat it. For every 100 calories consumed you bun 30 calories, this is called the thermogenic effect of feeding. It keeps you feeling fuller for longer and less likely to snack on the highly processed foods mid-afternoon.

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